Monday, January 15, 2007

Almost Empty Nesters....

Today I sat down with my son as he submitted his first college application to Seattle Pacific University. We have a couple more to go, but SPU is now his first choice. He's going to apply for a music scholarship as they have those for students who are not necessarily majoring in music. All those years of drum lessons may pay off a little! Not sure he will get accepted there as his academics are not what Whitney's were, but it's worth a shot. I hear it's easier for guys to get in as it's a 70-30 ratio of girls over guys. His other choices are Central Washington and Whitworth.

As I did this with him today, I was so blessed by being able to talk about his goals, his faith, his dreams. Boys tend to not share those as openly as girls. I knew Whitney's goals for her life from the time she was about ten! Just recently Alex was able to focus on the fact that he wants to be a teacher and that he has some gifts and skills that will be useful in that arena. He talked about his beliefs and how that has shaped his choices over the years. All those prayers have worked! He thinks being on a Christian campus would be great and is ready to engage in all the activities that will help him mature emotionally and spiritually. WOW!

He also wants to be on the same side of the state as Brittney. He says they plan to try to stay together even though they won't be together every day. He'd like to be able to take in some of her soccer games and see her on the weekends she is not playing. She will be a busy girl! It cracks me up how much she is like Whitney. We'd be happy if they ended up together, but that's down the road a bit. They both want to get through school (YEA! For awhile I wasn't sure Alex would want more school!)

As for being an empty nester, I HATE the idea! Even though Alex is in and out a lot, it won't be the same having him across the state. Everyone tells me I will get used to it, but that I won't necessarily like it for awhile. Thank goodness Whit and Travis have settled here. We don't see them tons, either, but it's great to have the option if we want to. Is it selfish to hope that Alex ends up here, too? There goes retiring somewhere warm - guess it's worth the sacrifice!


At January 18, 2007 at 11:23 AM , Blogger Rachel said...

Aw, that part of life is going to be SO hard! You did good with your kids though :) Hang in there! Now you get to look forward to grandkids...Ya' know the ones that leave your house when they start getting annoying? Haha


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