Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sad Day in Idol Land

I am addicted to American Idol. Granted, I could do without some of the hoopla filler stuff that they do to make the show longer and "more exciting", but I love watching the contestants sing their hearts out. This season has been the most interesting yet, with the field of talent being exceptional. From early auditions I have followed the story of Danny Gokey. He is a church music director from Milwaukee. His wife died of a heart condition 10 months ago. He has a foundation for kids in his wife's name; it's called Sophia's Heart. I found Danny charming and humble and amazingly talented.

Though he's had a great run and made it to the top three, he was eliminated last night. They showed his hometown visit and did a recap of his Idol adventure. I actually shed tears! Though bittersweet, in a way it's better for him not to be under the Idol contract and be able to make his own recording deal and do music his own way. I will purchase whatever he produces as I love his voice and his story.

So now we're down to Adam and Kris. Adam is not my cup of tea, though the kid has pipes. I will be rooting for Kris, another humble family guy who sings my kind of music. One more week and I will have to find something else to do with my Tuesday and Wednesday nights. And that's not all bad.


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