Monday, May 4, 2009

Cause to Celebrate

Had my five year checkup with my oncologist this morning. FIVE YEARS cancer free! No more blood draws, CTs, x-rays, drug side effects, six month visits to see him. At my last visit we had had a discussion about the fact that Tamoxifen (my nasty drug of choice) is no longer effective for recurrance odds after five years, and we talked about me doing another drug for a few years as a security blanket. Since that visit he had done a lot of research about whether there would be any advantage in that protocol and told me today that the side effects would outweigh the benefits and evidence didn't support the added years of drug therapy making you live any longer. He said it was my choice, but he and his nurse practioner both agreed that they would not start the Arimidex if they were in my shoes. The Tamoxifen has been leaching on my bones a bit and while I don't have osteoporosis, he could see evidence on the bone density scan. Nothing a healthy diet, long bone exercise and a calcium supplement won't correct. But taking the Arimidex would likely only contribute to thinning bones.

I look back over the five years and am extremely grateful that my life is so healthy and full now. Overall I feel better now than I did before I went through treatment. There are some lingering consequences that I have to live with, but they are minor in comparison to losing my life. While I know that our days are in God's hands, I am grateful for the extra time I have. I can't even fathom how great heaven will be, but I also know that life here is amazing (well most of the time) as well and I'm happy to be living it.

Let's party!!!!


At May 6, 2009 at 7:57 PM , Blogger Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I LOVE this! i"m so glad to be a part of your life.. We've talked before about how "casual" friends can grow closer through tragic circumstances.. One of the "gifts of Seth" is how much OUR friendship has grown over the last couple of years!! (Can you believe it? In just a bit over 3 months, it'll be 2 years since that day I told you I WAS having another baby!.. And I"m STILL secretary-ing.. who'd have thunk it!).

At May 7, 2009 at 8:54 AM , Blogger Cathey said...

I am convinced God orchestrates relationships so we have just the right ones at just the right times. He must have so much fun moving the pieces around on the giant chess board of our lives!


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