Friday, February 23, 2007

Movin' On

We are headed to Seattle this weekend for Alex to do a music audition at SPU for scholarship. We aren't even for sure that he will go there, but just in case, we need him to get every $$ he can. Whitney and Travis are going with us. Whit misses her friends from SPU and she loves going back to campus. It was a great experience for her. It would be nice if Alex ended up there, too, but we're waiting to see where the Lord thinks he should go. I'm not stressing....he will end up somewhere (even if it's at home going to community college!)

Alex and Brittney broke up this week. Not sure if it's for good. I had a good talk with Alex about it and he's just not ready to be completely committed right now. Her expectations of their relationship were different than his. He didn't want to spend every minute of every day with her and not have time for his friends and other things he likes to do. We've never really experienced a break up in our family before, so it's kind of sad. I like Brit a lot and will miss spending time with her. But maybe there will be another one coming around soon. Prom is just around the corner and I think he wants to have a date! It will make going away to college a little easier and I'm sure he'll be scouting campus for some cute babes!

More cold, more snow, more fog, more rain.....I hope spring shows up soon!!!


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