Thursday, April 8, 2010

Helllooooo Spring!

Oh, look , I still have a blog. Haven't been here for so long that perhaps I don't even remember how to use it. But maybe I'll give it a try. Drum up some new followers. Blather on about some of the less boring aspects of my rather mundane life. we go.

Currently have all our kids back in the house. Whitney and Travis put their house on the market and realized that it was easier to keep it clean and staged if they and their dogs weren't living there. It's all working out great. Four dogs can be a circus at times, but since we have no "real" grandchildren, the grandpuppies keep us entertained. Alex sleeps at the house but isn't there much. He's working two jobs and hangs with his pals when he's off, so we pass each other, get a quick update and a hug and life is good.

My mom had a small stroke in early winter, so we finally moved them to The Waterford Assisted Living. Not a move they are thrilled to have made, but a necessary one. They get great care. We had all hoped they would adjust and take part in the activities that are offered there, but instead they tend to stay in their room (except for meals which is a whole 'nother subject) and complain about how bored they are. *sigh* Had hoped for more, but at least they are safe and secure. I guess when you are 86 you get to choose what you will and won't do. I try to get over to see them every couple months.

I'm still working, Keith is still working, which I guess is good these days. It is what it is.

In February we got to go to Maui for ten days with Whitney and Travis and our friends, Gail and Roch. Nothing like a lotta sunshine and warmth in mid winter to make life better. Wish we could do it every year, but this way, it means that much more when we can get there. We saw all the sights, including the whales and got lots of beach time. That's as it should be, right?

I've become an obsessed fan of Celtic Thunder in case you hadn't heard. I am on their Street Team (now officially titled the Washington State Celtic Thunder Fan Club). That's a long story - really the result of requesting information about a show in Spokane. I have made some very fun connections with a lot of great people, including the lads themselves. Their music makes me happy and they are just incredibly nice down-to-earth people who enjoy keeping in contact with their fans. My husband actually started this obsession, so he only has himself to blame. He found them on PBS and took me to my first show in Dec. 08. Since then I have gone to two more shows, purchased all available cds and dvds and become rather busy keeping up with them on Twitter, Facebook, CT website, MySpace...... I got to visit with Ryan and George on their recent visit here for a PBS appearance. I have gotten notes and emails back from them - always very exciting. They're touring the US again this fall and yes I have three shows and one of those with Meet and Greet tickets. :) I am very excited to go to the show in Portland because I get to sit with all my fun Seattle friends that I have met through CT. Keith just indulges a way its payback for the FIVE Smothers Brothers show I have attended with him.

No big plans for the summer except to get some serious sun time of which we have been sorely lacking of late. Maybe a trip to a Mariners game......they're supposed to win the league this year. I've heard THAT before, but still, Safeco Field, garlic fries.....that's good win or lose. :)


At April 20, 2011 at 3:12 PM , Blogger Life is short but God is sweet said...

Glad to see you are back on your blog. I hope you keep posting and keep us up to date. I can't wait to hear lots of grandma stories.


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