Sunday, January 6, 2008

Early January, Post Christmas, Mid-Winter, Seasonal Deficit Blues

Yep, it's that time of year again. I'm already crazy sick of snow and cold and bad roads, gray skies, and short days. Today was the worst. Our roads were like mini ice skating rinks and after church and lunch, we found that there were cars at the bottom, in the middle, backwards, etc. on Colbert Hill. We couldn't get up the hill to get all the way home. This required Parking in the middle and trudging up the hill to walk home. Thank goodness I didn't wear heels to church. When later Keith went back to get the truck that was stuck in the middle of the hill, he backed down the hill to go the long route home and landed in the ditch along with many assorted other vehicles. I HATE winter!!!! If I had the choice, I would HIBERNATE till spring!!!! Alex left while it was still light and before the roads completely froze again, so at least he is safe and sound at Eastern. And to think he almost went snowboarding today - YIKES! It's enough to give me wrinkles (well, MORE wrinkles!!!). We already have a pile of snow and more is expected pretty much every day this week. Our pastor mentioned at church this morning how beatiful the snow was in the trees - he won't feel so magnanimous after he has lived here for a few winters. Apparently they don't have trees in southern Michigan.

Can I just say that were it not for the fact that I am already packing my bags and will leave for Maui in 11 days I might go positively bonkers! This evening I cruised the internet for a bit figuring out all the activities and sights we want to take in when we get there. Road to Hana, whale watching, snorkeling, sunrise on Haleakela, morning coffee next to the ocean, sunsets off Sugar Beach, fresh fish from the BBQ, shopping the local shops in Lahaina, Hawaiian ice over coconut ice cream, the smell of hibiscus, long walks in the warm sand......I'm already there in my mind! I pray that our 6:00 a.m. flight is not delayed due to bad weather and we miss our connection in Seattle. They might have to haul me away after I lose it in the airport.

Now I realize that it's all relative and that my life is not that hard and that this will eventually pass. I KNOW that deep down somewhere in my brain, but for now it seems like almost more than I can bear for one more day. Maybe I need one of those artificial lights that are supposed to be like sunlight to improve my attitude. Or maybe ten days in Maui will do the trick.


At January 9, 2008 at 11:56 PM , Blogger Rachel said...

Ew! Ice and snow and sliding vehicles would not make for a fun time!!! I am just about as sick of the rain though. Dang I miss summer, haha. Can I tag along with you to Maui, haha.


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