Monday, November 19, 2007

So Thankful, So Blessed

As Thanksgiving approaches this week, I am reminded of how grateful I am for my life. I have such wonderful relationships that enrich my life and I realize that there is nothing more important than those. I would make a lousy island!

Alex was home yesterday for the day, went to church and breakfast with us and caught us up on what's going on with him. He's thinking about his future and what he should do. He's still thinking he'll be a teacher, but he is exploring his options and really considering his gifts and what he can do with them. Wow! He's really growing up. He likes his independence and the ability to make his own choices, but does consider how those choices affect his life and those around him. He's a good person and that brings joy to my heart.

Whitney was up to her neck this weekend with the biggest event in town. She was hired to help with the Grand Reopening of the famous Fox Theater in downtown Spokane. This is something that the who's who of the community are all involved in. It's the new home of the Spokane Symphony as well as a concert venue. Whitney helped host a gala dinner Saturday night at the Davenport Hotel after which all the VIPs walked to the Fox for a performance with the symphony and some famous opera singer (as you can tell, opera is not really my thing). Tony Bennett is coming in tonight for the first concert. Whit spent all day there yesterday as well as they hosted an open house for the community to see all the renovations. It's very spectacular! And to think a couple years ago, they were going to tear it down and make another parking lot. Here are a couple pics of the new and improved Fox.

I miss spending time with our extended family on the holidays, but are happy that we can share them with our good friends. We are headed to Fairmont Hot Springs in Canada for the Thanksgiving weekend with our friends Gail and Roch Biever and their girls. Alex is going with, but Whit and Trav are hosting his parents at their house. It will be a fun getaway, and though it's not Thanksgiving in Canada, we are taking a turkey dinner cuz it just wouldn't be the same without it.

Keith and I get out on the town about once a week, sometimes with friends and sometimes just us. I can't imagine life without him and am so blessed to have a fantastic husband. We are so looking forward to out time in Maui in January as it will be quality time uninterrupted by his work, or officiating or church (yes, sometimes it's nice to not be in the trenches!).

I feel so blessed with all the family and friends in my life. I am truly thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people who give me such joy. Thanksgiving Blessings!


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