Saturday, August 18, 2007

Go Gonzaga!

As I may have mentioned in past blogs, we are big fans of Gonzaga basketball. It gets us through the winter. Now we have another reason to love Gonzaga University. Whitney is now a full time employee! I think her official title is something like: Stewardship Event Specialist (or something like that). Anyway, regardless of the title, she will be planning events like Donor luncheons, VIP gatherings, and such. This is the PERFECT job for her. She even gets to do scrapbooks and invitations! I'm so jealous - would someone please pay me a pile of money a year to craft?!?! Well, I'm sure there is a little more to it than that......

Anyway, she is very excited to move on from her job at Beacon Hill Events to BIGGER and BETTER G.U. This is the kind of job she was hoping to find to truly put her degree and experience to work. Many, many perks come with the job and everyone in her department has been there a bazillion years, so it must be a great place to work. I suppose it would be asking a lot for her to get us a line on some basketball tickets since every game is sold out......
Oh, and here's an update on my July 18 post: Alex did get registered for classes and got his finanical aid figured out. The fact that he had a room was great, but they assigned him a girl for a roommate!!! Aren't these people supposed to be educated?!!? Needless to say, Alex called the housing department and assured them that while he didn't have an issue with having a girl for a roommate, his parents had a problem with it! (Just a little!!!!!) Anyway, now they are supposed to find him a new roommate of the appropriate gender. If they can't he will have a double room to himself, which he would not be unhappy about. Sheeesh!!!

I finally have my computer back, but haven't transferred over all of my pics. Here are a few I have been promising:

1. Whit and Trav's house (interior). This was their 4th of July gathering. Yes, Gram, that is the table you gave as a housewarming gift. It's kind of buried in this pic, but it is lovely - thanks!

2. Here is our day at Lake Pend Orielle with our friends Doug and Jean Silver and Anita Swanson. Yes, we did get to drive the yacht.....a little. The water was glorious and yes, I did get in! (Though there is no photo to prove it.)

3. Sisters Weekend - Goldsmith's B&B in Missoula


At August 24, 2007 at 8:32 AM , Blogger Sandy said...

I am sooo tickled for Whit - this sounds like a dream job. What fun! Suppose Alex is getting ready to start school - everyone here starts next week. Enjoyed the pics!


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