Friday, August 10, 2007

Footloose and....

I'm hanging by myself this weekend. I knew it was coming. Keith had to go to San Antonio for business, Alex was planning a trip to the lake with friends. Whit is working and I'm pretty sure Travis isn't into hanging out with his mother-in-law as much as he loves me - ha, ha! Gail is camping for the weekend with her fam. Anyway, I digress. But, in light of all of this advance warning, I tried to plan a few things for me, myself and I to do so I wouldn't feel all lonely and pathetic.

So here are my big plans: a little trip to Michaels, a little crafting, some housework, catching up on some movies, a walk or two...well, that uses a few hours. I do have to water Keith's flowers and Gail's, too.. Maybe a long, hot bubble bath and if the sun shines, I may get a little deck time. Hmmm....well, that may get me through til Saturday evening. Then there's church on Sunday and more flower watering.....

The funny thing about all this is that it was only a few short years ago that I would kill for a couple days to myself. I would rejoice in having the remote without any competition and to not have any plans at all. I keep telling myself I will adjust to all this quiet time and get to know myself again, but I do feel rather silly carrying on conversations with the dog just to have someone to talk to. Oh well, at least she pretends to listen.


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