Saturday, June 2, 2007

Such is Life

Well, as you can tell if you are reading this, I am behind on my blogging. I get this thing about having pictures to add and it takes awhile to download them from my camera and I keep thinking I'll do that one of these times when I have an hour to catch up. And as you can also tell, I haven't had an hour to do that, so decided to just catch up with the writing part and do the pics later (maybe after graduation!)

Since my last ramblings, Alex had his last band concert. It was definitely bittersweet as it's always fun to watch him play the drums and this could be one of the last times to see him do the drumline thing. He is such a good drummer and leader that it will be sad not to watch him do that anymore. goes on and we will have sweet memories of all his band experiences.

We finally made it to Montana to see the fam and especially spend time with my parents. It was some quality time and they seemed happy to have us visit. I plan to make one more trip their way this summer as Alex would like to see them. We will have a mother-son road trip which I am greatly looking forward to. Don't have extended captive audience time with Alex anymore, so I am looking forward to digging around a little into what he is thinking about love, life and the pursuit of .......

We have graduation next weekend - another milestone. Then Alex starts work on the following Monday. He'll be on the maintenance crew of the Mead School District working full time for the summer. That will keep him occupied!!! The income will be helpful for fall, too when he has to buy books, etc. And it begins.....!

Whit and Travis are busy working on their house and car shopping. The other driver's insurance has accepted full responsibility for the accident and have totaled her car, so they will have to find another mode of transportation. It's too bad it wasn't Trav's car as it is on it's last legs! He plans to ride his bike a lot this summer. We'll also be shopping for new wheels for Alex as he will need something a little more reliable than his Honda. Somehow I don't picture him riding his bike.....

Such is life. We'll be busy as usual and the summer will slip away as it always does. It's just NEVER long enough! Can I just add that I LOVE hot weather?! (News to all, I'm sure!)


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