Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Technologically Challenged

So, I had a few events to blog about, but I can't share photos because my stupid computer crashed. Now if you know me, you know that I am not a lover of technology. Yes, it's a fine tool and it can be useful if it works. However, I have had TOO MANY bad experiences with computers and other electronic items to be able to say I enjoy the whole techno age.

So today I have some time in which I could have downloaded pics, etc., but I no longer have access to my pics until Keith has time to recover what was on the hard drive. I DID have photos of my new grandchild, Chloe, a fantastic yacht excursion, 4th of July at the Franklins...... Now I must wait. Waiting is not my favorite thing, but more importantly, YOU will have to wait. Since photos are the best part of blogging, I know it is rather disappointing.

With that said, here is a top 10 review of our most recent summer adventures:

10. Our pastor got elected bishop at the recent Free Methodist Annual Conference. That means I will be getting a new boss. More details to follow.

9. Umpiring season continues. Keith is assigner for all the local leagues. Can I just say that the phone never stops ringing and the topic of baseball is not on my happy list?

8. Eastern Washington University Admissions Office forgot to communicate with the Advisory and Registration Office and Financial Aid Office so now we are scrambling to get Alex registered for classes and making sure that we can pay for them. At least housing knows he is coming and he will have a place to live.....

7. We celebrated Keith's 54th birthday all weekend long. Dinner on Friday night with our friends, Gail and Roch. Boat excursion (see #5) with friends on Saturday. Lunch with Whit, Travis and Alex on Sunday. When did birthdays start being more than one day?

6. We celebrated our 29th anniversary sometime in there, too. Maybe it was the dinner out or the boat trip.....I'm sure we celebrated it somewhere in there.

5. We joined our friends, Doug and Jean Silver and Anita Swanson for a day on the Silvers' yacht on Lake Pend O'Rielle, Idaho. I do better on land, but Keith was in heaven!

4. Keith interviewed with two different companies for a new job. He isn't losing his at Cardinal, but wants to look at options. More details to follow.

3. We enjoyed a visit from Dan, Mishell, Cathryn and Josh Forbes. Mishell and I had a great time catching up and doing a little crafting.

2. We ended up spending July 4th at the Franklin home. Whit and Travis took pity on us since we were pathetically alone that day. We had a great BBQ and went downtown for fireworks. This reassured us that our kids will watch out for us when we are old and even more pathetic.

1. We have a new "grandchild". Well, not exactly the kind I was hoping for, but she is very cute! She's an 8 week old border collie, aussie mix. I must brag that she is very smart and mostly well mannered!

I will try to get some pics up after I return from my sisters' weekend in Missoula. Looking forward to good times with my sis's and a little escape from all the activity around here (maybe baseball season will be over when I get back - I can dream, can't I?)


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