Monday, June 4, 2007

Our LAST Lilac Parade

Alex is third one in - center snare.

Just a few catch up pics of the Lilac Parade on May 19. This is an 10-year tradition for us as Whitney marched on drill team and as a cheerleader. Alex has been on the drumline since junior high. SNIFF! Just so you know, I am offering to adopt a high schooler so this all doesn't come to such an abrupt end. So far no one is taking me up on it, but I'll keep looking - ha!

Again, Alex is in the middle. The closest drummer is Alex's bud, Taylor. He spends a lot of time at our house.

This is Alex's other best bud, Cal (tenor sax). He spends even more time at our house.

There is Alex WAY in the background - the tall one with the snare drum. There are disadvantages to being center snare - makes for bad pics!

Hmmm......where is Alex in this pic? Oh, there's the drumline WAAAAY back there!

Oh, and here is the drumline going away - guess I never did get a decent pic of Alex. OH WELL....we have 9 years of Lilac Parade photos!


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