Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving at Fairmont

We took a fun little excursion to Fairmont Hot Springs, Canada over the Thanksgiving weekend with our friends Gail and Roch Biever and their girls, Jena, Kayla and Alexa. Alex went with, but Whitney and Travis were hosting Dan and Karen (Travis's parents) for the holiday. It wasn't Thanksgiving in Canada, but we decided it just wouldn't be the same to ignore the holiday alltogether, so Keith smoked a turkey and roasted potatoes and we took them with us. We left about 10:00 Thursday morning and got to our condos in plenty of time for turkey dinner, complete with pumpkin pies - YUM!

The scenery was spectacular! The Canadian Rockies cannot be outdone. The sun was shining on the snowy peaks and just as we neared Fairmont, the moon rose. God certainly knew what he was doing in creation. The photos don't do justice.

Our condos were VERY nice and FREE! We just had to sit through the time share talk which we all laughed about for some time after. Needless to say, neither the Bievers or ourselves purchased any time shares. We did take full advantage of the rooms as well as the hot springs. It was very neat to sit in the nice warm water while snowflakes fell. Alex spent more time soaking than anyone and he was most impressed with the surrounding mountains and ski areas. The World Cup was going on at Panorama in nearby Invermere that weekend. We didn't take it in, but I could see that longing in Alex's eyes to hit the mountain.

Now our eyes are turned toward Christmas. The house is decorated and we will be taking in church events, parties and various gatherings. We're looking forward to having the whole family together. And next comes Maui!!! 6 weeks and counting....


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