Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to Reality

Our ten days in paradise went WAAAYYY too fast and we are back in the Great White North. We came home to two feet of snow, local schools closed, roads impassable. Fun!!! Gotta love winter (NOT).

I will have some pics to post, but at the moment am looking for the download cord to my camera. I think it went to Maui and maybe didn't make it back. I would happily make the trip to go look for it, but, I guess that's not going to happen. Anyway, one of these days I will put up some pics. They won't do justice, but you can at least get the idea.

I'm convinced there is no more relaxing vacation than Maui. We stayed at a new condo this year (Kehei Sands) and enjoyed it just as much or more than Kehei Kai. We figured out that it's the best location on the island as there were clouds and rain all around us, but it was always sunny on Sugar Beach. We enjoyed having our coffee on the beach each morning while watching the humpbacks play just off shore. We usually spent a few hours on the beach, then headed out for some sort of excursion and returned for sunset on the beach. We took in all the sights and it was so fun to watch Gail and Roch be amazed by all they saw and did. We took in the famous Road to Hana with its spectacular scenery, sunrise on Haleakela crater, a whale watch boat excursion and a snorkel sail to Molikini along with assorted shopping and mini trips around the island. The boys body surfed at Big Beach and we spent a lot of time just floating in the water next to our condo and taking longs walks on the beach. There is just no way to be in a bad mood on Maui! I thought we were going to have to drag Roch onto the plane as he had decided he wasn't coming home. We are planning a return trip in two years so we have something to look foward to. Whit and Travis want to join us and Alex is figuring out how he can save up for a plane ticket. Sharing the costs makes it affordable, so we won't have to wait five years like we did last time. We're already plotting how to make it 14 days instead of 10! Personally, I could be happy spending the whole month of January there.

On the home front, we have much snow and more to come. It's a record year for snowfall - aren't we lucky?! Alex is a happy camper, though, and getting great use of the Schweitzer Mountain season pass we gave him for Christmas. He usually goes at least twice a week. Hopefully he's also getting an education somewhere along the way!

Maui was worth the wait - the time just went too fast. We made many happy memories that we hope to revisit sooner than later.


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