Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Surgery Successful

Just an update on Seth Douglas, new baby son of my friend and job-share partner Kathryn and her husband Leland. Seth came through his surgery today and is now being transferred to Peds ICU. I was there when the surgeon came to tell them about the surgery and he was positive, but of course, guarded. The surgery itself went about as well as it could have, but the surgeon reminded Kathryn and Leland that the next 72 hours will be critical as his walnut-sized heart adjusts to the new circulation pattern they created. If he comes through this phase, he will have two more surgeries over the next couple years.

Visiting them at Sacred Heart brings back a few memories for me as I remember what it was like to be there with Brandon and the terrible waiting game. It isn't particularly painful anymore, but just found myself in familiar territory and feeling for Seth's parents as they move on to this next stage of waiting and praying. I am, of course, praying for a better outcome and that Seth will get to grow up and bring a lot of joy to his family. And I am thankful that time heals and I am able to be there for them with not a sense of pain, but merely just observations about the familiarity.
Regardless of what I have been through, I know this little one is in the hands of a mighty God who has a purpose for Seth's life. And He's hearing our prayers.....


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