Friday, April 4, 2008

Time for an Update

Another cold, blustery, winter-like day. When will it end?! We're supposed to get snow tonight and it's supposed to stay in the high 40's all next week. Pardon me if I'm feeling a little (okay - a LOT) melancholy for spring....

On a happier note, Baby Seth is hanging in and still on the road to recovery. He is doing better today after having some fluid drained from his lungs. It's such a delicate thing this life we live and amazing in so many ways. Seth's surgeon continues to be upbeat about his condition and that everything is pretty much as expected. He wants to leave his little chest open for the weekend but is talking about closing him up on Tuesday. That's a good sign. Plus then his Mommy and Daddy would get to hold him which is a VERY good thing.

Also an update on the robin. His beating himself against the window continues. I think he has brain damage by now if he didn't have it before. The dogs just ignore him now. My window is a mess, but there's no use cleaning it even if I could reach it. Maybe he's lovesick - we can only hope he finds his true love and moves on.

Alex started a new quarter with 19 credits and a job and is positively psyched about it all. He actually does better with lots to do. He's hoping to take a couple summer classes and work a couple part time jobs. The ladies who run the Eagle Shop love him to death, but do make him pull up his pants (Go ladies!!!!). He's making noise about getting a haircut, too, as this is the last weekend of snowboarding. (Go barber!!!!!) Am I sounding like my mother now?


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