Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Gang

All the eyes are open now, but you'd never know it as they are always either sleeping or eating.... Whitney and Travis decided they should at least have temporary names instead of calling them "brown puppy, gray puppy, black and white puppy, and black, brown and white puppy". So for now the brown one is "Cramer", the gray one "Ali", the black and white one "Buzz" and the black, brown and white one is "Woody". Whit and Trav show up about every other day to help with the "people bonding" and I get my snuggles in daily, so these pups will be well acquainted with people by the time they get their new homes. We think three are spoken for already. Anyone want a really cute male named "Buzz?" He is the charming first-born with beautiful markings (and I see a bit of brown coming through - he will likely look like Taz), though I have to admit at this point he's a bit needy (whines more than the others).

They are all less than cooperative with the picture taking thing, but here's a couple recent pics.


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