Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Happy Day

Many of you may remember Baby Seth who is the son of my friend and job-share partner Kathryn and her husband Leland. Seth has been growing and doing so well that I haven't reported on him lately. Today was Seth's dedication day and I got to stand up front with the family because none of their real family could make it. I felt very special! I even got a tear or two as I realized what a miracle this little boy is. He still has two important surgeries to go, the next of which will be in September. Join me in continuing to pray for Seth's health and for his mom and dad's endurance as they anticipate more hospital time. What a blessing!

On the flip side, my friend Mitch who has leukemia has been struggling with all sorts of treatments and the roller coaster ride of not knowing if they are going to work. Presently he is on the brink of either being able to have a bone marrow transplant or being sent home. While of course I wish that God would just do a miracle in Mitch's life, I am also very aware that sometimes He doesn't. As I think I mentioned in a previous blog, I don't believe having faith means that I believe God will heal just because I ask Him to. I know all too well that there are times that we must accept His will and just pray for peace. So while you are praying for Seth, perhaps a prayer or two for God's will in Mitch's life, too?

On a lighter note, I am crazy about the Olympics. This is going to be a LONG two weeks as I am already having to DRAG myself away from the television when the games are on. There's just something so cool about the world coming together in this way and I love all the inspirational stories. Go Michael Phelps! Go USA!


At August 11, 2008 at 4:10 PM , Blogger Whitney Franklin said...

I am sorry we missed the dedication yesterday. I confess we got wrapped into the Olympics and decided to skip.

At August 11, 2008 at 7:58 PM , Blogger Cathey said...

I understand completely - I am addicted and staying up WAAY too late at night! But you did miss a great service.


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