Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cathey and Mishell's Not So Excellent Mall Adventure

Spent another weekend in Helena with my family for my mom's 85th (way to go, Mom!). It was a quick trip - Friday to Sunday - but it was fun! Alex and Whit went with us and it was neat for them to spend some time together as they really don't see each other all that often. Caught up with some of the cousins and there was lots of laughter. My family is great!

On Sunday my "sister-friend" Mishell came through with her family on their way to Seattle for their son Matt's wedding. It's always a blast to spend time with them. Mishell, Cathryn and I spent ALL day Monday shopping, and then we spent over an hour looking for my car keys which I had left somewhere in Northtown. Now I'm not one who usually loses keys because I'm so paranoid about it that I have been known to get up in the middle of the night to make sure I know where they are so I won't be late for work. Long story, but the short of it is that I was sure I knew which store I had left them in (a shoe store - surprise!) but when I asked the sales girl she said no one had seen them. After trekking back to all of the 20 or so stores we had visited with all our load of packages, AND after calling Keith only to have him tell me I had the ONLY key as Alex had lost the spare, as a last ditch I went back to the shoe store. I was about to start ripping through shoe boxes in the 6.5 row, when another sales girl informed me that oh, yes, they had found them right after we left and had them in a drawer at the register THE WHOLE TIME!!!! At that point my feet were aching from walking through the mall about six times, my arms hurt from carrying all my purchases, and my blood pressure was elevated just thinking about having to call a locksmith. I could have unloaded on that first sales girl that didn't even bother to look, but at that point I was just so happy to be able to leave the mall, that I practically skipped all the way to the car. You can bet I'll be even more paranoid in the future and will have countless copies of ALL our keys!
It's off to Seattle this weekend for Matt and Meghan's wedding. Mishell predicts it will be not-so-traditional with a vegan wedding cake and square dancing (I just hope the bride shaves for this one). The trip will be complete with a Sunday visit to Ikea before we head home. Good times!


At August 1, 2008 at 7:35 AM , Blogger chaff "4" said...

thanks for painting the picture about the bride... yuck! I have lost my keys in the mall also so I had to laugh at the story.

You are turning into a little traveler. Have a safe and fun trip. Also thanks for putting the aid in the newsletter. I think we found someone. Kim

At August 14, 2008 at 6:23 AM , Blogger chaff "4" said...

I have to share a funny story with you. You lost your keys and my Grandma the other night told the lady at the home she stays in she had lost her teeth. She has some false teeth. She said they were by her chair so the nurse looked around her chair and then looked at my Grandma and said "Yvonne you didn't loose your teeth, they are in your mouth".

I have had the giggles about that for a few days.


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