Friday, June 20, 2008

And then there was one....

Our little Ali went to live with Whitney and Travis and Chloe last night. It's so great that we will get to see her grow up! She has a very sweet nature like her Mom, and smarts, too. She will be a fabulous Sydney clone when she grows up.

Buzz didn't seem to miss her much and went to bed as per his usual routine, but at 5:00a.m. he was not very happy to be in his pen all alone. Hoping to find him a home soon!

Tomorrow we are headed out to Medical Lake to watch Travis participate in his first Triathlon. We're supposed to get thunder storms, so hopefully he'll be done before they set in. Being in the water or on a bike with lightning hanging around is a bit scary. Good luck, Trav. I know you will do great!


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