Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cramer Finds a Home

So the first of our little ones has gone to live with one of the pastors from Timberview! Cramer (the red merle male) won the hearts of Barb and Palmer and spent the night with them last night. I thought I was ready for them to start leaving the nest, but it's harder than I thought! They actually took Buzz, too, for the night to figure out which puppy personality matched with their family, but he was delivered back this morning. I was happy to have him back at least for a few days. Next to Ali (our #2 granddog), Buzz is my favorite. He has personality bubbling out of him and has totally won me over even though he is FULL of energy and VERY mischievous. He is extremely smart and will be a fabulous dog if whoever his owner is can survive the first couple years of puppyhood. He is always the first to jump up in my lap for a face-licking and is just SOOO happy to be with people.

Cramer will get a new name now and a new family to have tons of fun with. The best part is that I will still get to watch him grow up! Be happy, Cramer!


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