Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bloomsday Reflections

So due to our big Bloomsday promotion at church (70 people walking together including Pastor Glenn and Karen) we had a Saturday night spaghetti feed and service. It was fun and I enjoyed being able to get up early this morning and embark on a nice five mile jaunt to Starbucks for a refreshing venti green tea lemonade with two Splendas. It's a gorgeous, sunny day and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk (except Midway Hill!) and had Gail for great company and conversation.

Last night at the service the topic was relationships and how to do them right. I was quite reflective as my kids were busy with other things and Keith was umpiring, so I was with the Biever family. I started thinking about how fortunate I am in regards to relationships. My kids continue to bring a lot of joy into my life. Whitney, Travis and Alex are all delightful individuals that I love spending time with. Whit calls me to share ups and downs in life and she and Trav don't seem to mind hanging out with the old folks. I love having them around - they are good, Godly people. Alex is becoming an awesome adult who loves all kinds of people and is an advocate for the down and out. He impresses me with his ability to make people feel valued even if there isn't seemingly a lot to value. He has a way of getting people to try to make their lives better. He still says, "I love you, Mom" EVERY time we talk on the phone. Ask me about my kids and I just might get drippy - I am so proud of them.

Keith and I are perfect companions and I know if all goes well with our health, etc., we will happily grow old together. I'd like to credit my good taste in picking a husband, but really he picked me and I feel very fortunate. We've been through a lot and come out the other side stronger. We ENJOY spending time together.

But I also am so thankful for the fact that though my extended family is far away and I have good relationships with all of them, I have friends who have become my family here. I do feel I have missed out on things with my mom and dad and sisters and their families and my friend/sister Mishell and her family just because of distance. I would love to see them WAY more often - I have a GREAT family. But I am so thankful for Gail and Roch and other friends who are my family here. We share everything, good and bad, and I feel loved and supported in a way that I would be if I were closer to my extended family. Pastor Glenn said that we need to be able to be honest and tap into the resource of our friends and family. Really we make lousy islands. We need each other to get through a life that is sometimes downright ugly.

So for all of you, and you know who you are - thank you for making my relationships so amazing and valuable. I am blessed beyond what words can describe.


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