Monday, September 22, 2008

Current News...

Updates: Seth is slightly improved today and more responsive. They can see neurological damage on the eeg, but the surgeon was more optomistic that he will improve. He responded to his daddy's voice today and that made EVERYONE feel better. Keep praying for an amazing, "unexplainable" recovery! On the flip side, Mitch is not doing well and the family has been called to Seattle. While I have prepared myself for this eventuality, it still leaves me with a very heavy heart.

Now, this will seem like a weird transition, but the distraction is helpful if not a little disturbing....

.....Fantasy Football Week 3. Boo! Hiss! BAD! I dropped two places this week as my players were pretty much non-productive. I have to stick with Delhomme in week 4 as my other TWO choices have bye weeks as do three of my other players AND my kicker and defense. It's not going to be pretty! I have plugged as many holes as I can and just hope for the best. Seems like the weeks I have little time to play with it, the better I do. As I am headed to Montana this weekend to spend some time with my Mom and Dad and probably won't even THINK about football, I'll probably do great!

The season is definitely turning - there's threat of frost tonight. Save the tomatoes!!!! It's a time of transition in many ways, not just the seasons. This thing called life definitely has it's seasons, too. Some are warmer and more fun than others. Some we just shiver against and wait for change. God does a pretty great thing by making each one have a beginning and an end. I guess we couldn't appreciate the warm ones if we didn't have the others. So I accept the turning, bracing for the cold, and anticipating the next warmth. Bring it on!


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