Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When Can I Look Forward to a Little Global Warming?

Today we got the first BIG snow of the winter season. I do want to point out that according to the calendar, it STILL isn't winter. But that has never stopped the Spokane weather. We got a dumping of snow and bitter cold that created driving havoc. For the first time since we have lived in Spokane (30 years), they actually closed city streets. There were commuters stuck EVERYWHERE. What a mess!

All this to declare once again, that I cannot believe the global warming theory. Nope, not buying it. Our winters are colder and nastier than they have been in decades. As for global warming - bring it on! I realize they say Florida will be under water and polar bears will be stranded on icebergs in the arctic, but really, I could probably live with that if it meant shorter, warmer winters in the Pacific Northwest. And until I see the tide rising, I will steadfastly remain in denial. And that's the truth......


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