Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fantasy Fizzle

I have to say this Fantasy Football thing is a ride. Amazing how it can change from week to week; bad, good, mediocre, bad. Well, that's sort of the state of my team. I keep messing with it just to see if I can improve from week to week - moving players around, shifting according to the schedule, attempting to guess which QB or RB will have a good week based on all sorts of statistics and opinions. I am learning: 1. Don't depend on the computer to draft your players. 2. Don't think that one great week will lead to another 3. Players get injured and mess up the whole plan. 4. Don't have 6 players have a bye week at the same time. 5. Don't believe the pre-season hype. 6. Don't overthink or you will put the wrong player on the bench.

For this season, my goal is just to stay out of the cellar. For next year, draft a decent QB, a couple good WRs and RBs, a better than average defense. I've figured out that generally TEs don't help your point total a whole lot and kickers just need to be consistent. So live and learn. It's a long season, so maybe by the end of it I will have figured a few things out.


At October 1, 2008 at 7:48 AM , Blogger Chaffin Family said...

Glad to see you staying with the football stuff. Hanna and I are 3 spots out of last place in our family pool which is good for us. We are having fun and someone has to take last so if it us again that is okay.


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