Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Would We Do Without Friends?

I can't imagine what my life would be like without the amazing relationships I have.

My Montana family is the best. My Mom and Dad are the MOST amazing parents ever. My sisters are people I LOVE spending time with and as their kids grow up, they are becoming my friends also. Mishell, my sister-friend since 7th grade, will always be the one who knows me better than anyone. I would call all of these friends as well as family. I have friends and family who live in other states that I don't talk to often, but when we do it's like we've never been apart.

My kids are also my friends. Just being around Whitney, Travis and Alex lightens my spirit. Now that they are adults, the relationship changes from just parent-child, to friend-friend. I am so blessed to have them close by. They are good people.

I have other special friends in my life that are as close as family. Of course the Bievers are among the closest, but several others are highly valued, incredible friends. Some I've met through church and work, some through other circumstances. Keith and I have a LARGE circle of friends that would be tough to live without.

Yesterday I was pretty down after saying a final goodbye to Seth at his memorial service. The past several weeks have been all about the Bonnetts and just being there for them. Yesterday I let be about me. It was emotionally draining and hard. I could have curled up under the covers and stayed there indefinitely. But Trav and Whit, Gail and Roch, realized that I just needed to unwind, relax and be with them. They are awesome friends.

I have learned through the years that while we keep some friends for life, others are for a season. It has been my experience that God has a way of putting just the right people together for just the right times. Sometimes those "arranged friendships" last forever, some drift apart. And I am so grateful for all those I call friends. You know who you are.


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