Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Snownami Saga continues....

Well, this has been quite a winter already considering official winter only started Sunday. We have about three feet of snow with another 6-10 inches predicted for this evening. Goodie! (Sarcasm here). Keith is planning to get some of the pile off of our roof today. What we have so far has been very lightweight snow, but what is predicted is supposed to be wetter/heavier and he didn't want to end up with too much weight on top of the accumulation up there. Thankfully, Travis and Alex have been around to help him with much of the shoveling. Grateful once again for having family near by!

It has been a blast having "the zoo" at the house since last Friday. Having Whit and Trav, Chloe and Ali move in has made being housebound much more fun. If it had to happen, this is about the best time. We all have scheduled time off for the holidays anyway, so it hasn't been too stressful trying to get to work. Last night Whitney and I even ventured out to the Gonzaga game (sadly they played terribly and lost to a team they should have squashed. Whit says maybe she won't take me to any more games :( ). Travis's brother, Casey, ended up stuck in Spokane for Christmas so he will be joining us for Christmas starting this evening. The more the merrier as long as he doesn't mind lots of doggie kisses!

All in all, it's not been so bad. As much as I DON'T enjoy snow and cold, the timing of it has made it tolerable. Now if it carries into January, THAT won't be fun.


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