Monday, March 12, 2007

About Birthdays

Well, here I step closer to the half century mark. Birthdays don't bother me - in fact I enjoy them. Somehow my birthday manages to turn into a week long celebration of lunches, dinners, etc. which means that my birthday turns into a reason to gain another five pounds! But I appreciate that family and friends like to spoil me on my day and I will continue to relish the attention - ha!

For the most part I just want to thank God for the fact that I'm having another birthday in reasonably good health and with few aches and pains. I am thankful that my husband and kids are around me and that I can celebrate with them. I am delighted that I have so many friends who have sent their warm wishes or showered me with food and gifts (despite the increase of pounds on the scale). Overall, life is good and I am intensely grateful.

Next year, I will turn my birthday into a whole season, starting with a trip to Maui in January! Wonder how long I can stretch it out.....:)