Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making

Having just returned from visiting Washington DC and being effected by the profound history of the things that I saw there, the election scene tonight seemed more important somehow. I remember passing by the Whitehouse just a week ago and thinking, "Get ready - the new folks are on their way." I was so struck by Lincoln's words at his memorial and how what he did during his presidency eventually allowed for an African American to go all the way to the top.

Whether or not we agree with the outcome of the election, we can't deny the remarkable juncture in history that has taken place tonight. And whether or not we agree with the views of our new president, we can't deny that it is an important moment in time for a country that has been racially divided virtually it's entire existence. Unlike many voters, I don't believe President Obama will be the answer to all of our country's woes. But I am grateful that a great barrier was broken and we never again have to question whether the color of someone's skin sets limits on what they are capable of doing in this great and free nation of ours. And because I believe what I believe, I will respect the office of the presidency and the person of the president for the next four or more years. I will pray for his leadership and the decisions he will make. And I will always remember this night as one that made a significant impact on history.


At November 5, 2008 at 10:08 AM , Blogger Chaffin Family said...

How I pray for our nation to understand that this is a big thing. even if you didn't vote for Oboma, what a mile stone it is to have the first black man in office and we should be proud of that.

We also need to realize that no matter what God is in control. My kids have come home from school, a christian one at that and have repeated some of the most unchristian things that others have told them out our new president.

Wow for Christians, we aren't being very Christ like.

Just my thoughts and I won't stop praying for our country, or trusting in God, just because my choice didn't make it into office. Kim


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