Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night

As I may have mentioned, our house has been full of people, dogs and activity since the big snowstorm hit last week. It has been crazy and FUN. Whitney and Travis (plus "the girls"), and Alex have been here at the house since last Friday. Despite MORE snow and somewhat nasty roads, we were able to keep our usual Christmas Eve tradition of going to church. We were joined by Trav's brother, Casey, who despite his best efforts to get to Ohio, was stuck in Spokane. After church we had a good time snacking, visiting, playing games, etc. More joyful festivities....

I did have a chance in the late evening after the stockings were hung and the last of the gifts placed under the tree, to turn out all the lights except those on the tree and a plethera of candles, turn on some of my favorite Christmas tunes, and just contemplate Christmas. I was almost overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene before me and the reason for it all. I listened to Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything" and got a little teary as I thought of how much the birth of Jesus means to me. He wasn't just any baby, he was THE baby that changed the world.

And now the gifts have all been opened, the dinner devoured, the dishes done, the games played. Another Christmas has come and gone. It's sad and satisfying all at the same time. I don't want to lose those moments in the dark. I want to continue to "ponder in my heart" as Mary did what it really means that Jesus came into the world in the form of a baby, one of us, yet still all of God. A baby changes everything.


At December 26, 2008 at 6:44 AM , Blogger "What's new with our crew" said...

yes that baby changes everything. I stood in front of our manger yesterday and thanked God for the greatest gift ever.


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