Monday, December 29, 2008

Snowman Army

There is not much to be done when you have over four feet of snow. There was a glimmer of hope yesterday when the sun came out and temps were in the 40's. There was quite a bit of melting and settling. However, it was short lived as now it is snowing so hard we're having a white-out. Four to five more inches predicted. Hopes dashed.
So what to do.....

Perhaps we should build a snowman army. We certainly have enough snow. It would be good exercise and we would have something to show for it other than large piles all around the yard. We could build tall ones, short ones, in-shape ones, plump ones, action figure types, high fashion ones, baby ones.....the possibilities are limitless! And at this rate, they would last till spring!

And just to confirm what you may be thinking, it is distinctly possible that I am losing it.


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